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We're Not In Kansas Anymore
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We’re Not In Kansas Anymore

Community Guidelines

Welcome to our Supernatural Gen Community where the aim is to focus purely on canon-based gen case fics and to feel like you are watching an episode of the show when you read fic.

The stories posted here should all consist of the same elements you would find in an episode of the actual show. That means plot. Tell an urban legend, a horror story or a good old fashioned ghost tale. Follow the framework of Supernatural, and stick to canon. Give it a beginning, middle and end with lots of fun and scary plot in between. To that end there are a few requests that have to be made:

1. No Slash or Wincest. They aren’t doing it on the show so it isn’t happening here. Dean clearly said in Croatoan, "I don't swing that way," and we want to stick to that canon. If you want Wincset, there are plenty of great sites and communities with talented writers that will accomodate your interest.

2. No Deathfic that kills off Sam or Dean. Without those two guys there is no show and therefore no stories to tell. The course of your story may take them to the brink, but you’re going to have to pull them back.

3. Since we are encouraging canon established boundaries within the fiction it would be appreciated that, should you wish to tell a pre-series story about the boys, you do it like they did in “Something Wicked”. If the entire story is set pre-series you should still tell an actual “ghost” story in your exploration of Dean and Sam’s youth.

4. Ratings. The fic ratings can go from G all the way through to NC-17, simply because the show already pushes the envelope where parental warnings are concerned. Yes, you can be violent. Yes, the boys can have sex (though not with each other) – Dean certainly has proven he likes it enough on the show. We only ask that all sexual situations, violence and horror elements are a legitimate part of your plotted story. No PWP folks. Sorry.

5. No drabbles. There isn't enough room witing a drabble to tell a story and therefore we ask that you post those in other communities.

6. No AUs. There are some fantastic AUs out there, but we are a canon only list where fic is concerned, so we only want to ensure that stories stay within the canon established by the show. This rule also applies to alternate endings and codas. Rewriting the ending of an episode falls into the AU category, and is also not a full story to begin with.

7. Don't go overboard. What we mean by this is use what canon information has given you and while you may play it up, don't go too crazy. For example, Sam's powers. We know he has visions and that they're connected to the demon. We know he seems to have some telekinesis buried in there somewhere, and with the right motivation he can use it. So, given that. . . sure, let him summon the telekinesis again, but don't make him super Sam, because the show sure doesn't and Kripke himself has said that he doesn't want Sam to be super powered, so just follow the canon. You'd be surprised how creative you can be restricting yourself here rather than following the desire to go hog wild and give Sam every psi ability in the book. This applies to other areas as well.

In addition to fiction it is encouraged that you feel free to post your fan-vids, art, manips, icons, wallpapers etc. So long as you avoid the slash and wincest all is welcome. Share with each other. Please state what it is that people can take and use for themselves and if you want credit for it. Do not take without permission. Respect the hard work that goes into all these wonderful creations.

If there is a question you have, go ahead and post it. That means if you are looking for something like a story, site, beta, etc., ask away. This is true for things pertaining to specific details of the show. If you want to know the year the Impala was made or if it is an automatic or stick, ask (1967 and automatic). If you want to know what kind of phone Sam uses or the brand of computer, ask (Treo 650 and Dell XPS). All the interesting details make for better stories and are just plain fun to know.

Essays and Discussions are also welcome. Make sure everything goes behind a cut and spoiler warnings are posted. Otherwise start a thread discussing some element of the show or story idea that you find interesting. Please make sure that there isn’t a post already started before starting a new post. (Yes, we know you aren’t infallible, but please just give it a try; we won’t punish you if you couldn’t find it.)

This show makes us think, analyze and explore and if you feel like doing that in essay format you are more than welcome to do so. So break down your writing process or some element of an episode, character, plot or idea related to the show. It’s all fascinating stuff and we look forward to seeing what you're thinking.


Pimping new communities is allowed but please no joining ours, pimping, and then unjoining; that's just poor netiquette. You must also agree to affiliate with us if you pimp here. We'll add you to our list of recommended links, and you add us to yours.

Most importantly we want you to have fun. If you have any questions about the site, contents you are unsure of posting or need to report something to us, just send us an email. Welcome to We’re Not In Kansas Anymore. Enjoy the ride.


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If you'd like to affiliate, please send us an email to the addy above and let us know about your comm.

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